Although this castle was originally destroyed in World War II, it was rebuilt and now serves as .. yes, a shopping mall. Direct link here.… Read More »

Pieces of the Berlin wall have found their way all over the world, this particular large piece found its way to Braunschweig. Direct link is… Read More »

There are many lion statues throughout Germany, this video is of one in Braunschweig. I believe there’s some other stuff as well in the video,… Read More »

This video taken from within the Braunschweig dome mentioned in my last post. I’m not sure how good the lighting was, so have no clue… Read More »

Braunschweig has a very famous and very old dome. When I started taking this video, I thought it was the actual dome we were videoing.… Read More »

While visiting a former classmate in Braunschweig earlier today, I attempted to take a few videos. Half way through this one, I realized that the… Read More »

Some observations made concerning people in the Hannover train station. I recorded this on my way to meet someone I had known while an exchange… Read More »

Earlier today, we visited Schloss Marienburg , a near by castle. Assuming I’m doing this right, a very big assumption in deed, the following should… Read More »